Small Inlay Poker Chips

Imprint size: 1.1"

Color: Full color inlay; edge color determined by stripes available.

Minimum: 300

Delivery time: 2 weeks after client approval


Artwork provided for the chip should be a high-quality JPEG or PDF (300 dpi); CMYK full-color

The Small Inlay poker chip has a full-color printed inlay that is smaller in diameter than the large inlay.


As with the Large Inlay chip, the Small Inlay chip is laminated with full-color adhesive inlays that are profession- ally and permanently affixed to a recessed area for a lasting and high-quality imprint.


Featuring the same permanent laminated professional inlay and the custom art as the Large Inlay, the Small Inlay is offered in full color printing. The Small Inlay chip, as the large inlay, comes in a wide variety of styles, the most popular of which are the eight- stripe and the six-stripe versions.


The full-color circular inlay is waterproof and fully laminated. It is professionally and permanently affixed to the center recessed area of the chip for a lasting and high-quality imprint. The label cannot be peeled off like many cheap paper labels.


The area of the inlay is smaller to accommodate the more detailed edges of these special chips, which are re- cessed to fit the permanent inlay perfectly. Only the center area can be customized. The rims have pre-printed markings, stripes or designs in set colors that cannot be changed for smaller orders.


The Small Inlay Chips are ideal are perfect for any occasion or event.

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