For almost 20 years, The Poker Consultants have been creating superior custom poker chips from the finest casino-grade materials in a wide variety of styles and colors — personalized with your logo or artwork to deliver your message. The artwork is created at no cost to you by our graphic design team. If you can imagine what you want, we can help you make it a reality!

Since 1997, The Poker Consultants, a division of AdMagic, have designed and printed superior custom poker chips and custom challenge coins for thousands of satisfied clients. Printed and designed in the United States, our chips are widely known for outstanding craftsmanship, reasonable cost, individualized service, and timely delivery.


Are you a corporate client looking for a great promotional poker chip? We can create custom chips for your trade show or product launch and deliver them when you need them. Ask about our rush service.


Want custom poker chips for your home games? A military unit needing challenge coins? A fund-raiser for a charity? A bridal party seeking an original way to mark the occasion? For any special event, we can create customized poker chips that fit your style and budget.


First, decide what you’re looking for.  Is price your first consideration? Durability? Purpose? Is there a certain image you want to project with your design? Next, check out the various types of chips to see which is right for your needs. Finally, look at some of the special purpose chips for more ideas and a whole range of poker accessories; and ask for a quote. If can’t quite decide or need design assistance, just ask our sales representatives. They will be happy to help.


With clients ranging from NBC Heads Up Poker to Empire Casino, we have created poker chips for every kind of customer — from Fortune 500 Companies to private individuals and small businesses.





AdMagic and The Poker Consultants also offer custom playing cards and custom card decks, fully customized in any size you prefer. Besides Bridge and poker-sized custom playing cards, we also offer custom-shaped playing cards. There are as many ways to express what you need with custom playing cards as there are with our  individually designed poker chips and custom coins.


For custom poker chips or playing cards, you can provide the design or we will create a design for you at no cost with fast turnaround for your approval. If you can imagine what you want, then we can make it a reality!


"This is Lt Marlowe with the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force.  We received our chips today and are very pleased with the quality and graphics.  They arrived as promised and meet all expectations.  Please be expecting phone calls from numerous agencies who are now jealous of our chips and will want to order chips of their own...."

Custom Poker Chips can come in any shape and size and in a number of materials  —  but standard poker chips measure 39mm in diameter.  That coverts to 1.53543 or about 1.5 inches in diameter.


We carry a very wide variety of poker chips and have broken them down into some simple categories to make it easier for you, the buyer, to determine what chip you need.

The Large Inlay chip comes in a wide variety of styles, the most popular of which are the eight-stripe and the six-stripe versions. It is laminated with full-color adhesive inlays that are professionally and permanently affixed.

The Ceramic Full custom chip has a full-color printed surface — both front and back, edge to edge, as well as on the sides of the chip. It is among the most versatile chips, with full customization possible.

The Cer-Blend chip is a proprietary blended ceramic chip, center formatted for full color printing. Edges and stripes are standard and are available in a wide variety of colors.

The Small Inlay poker chip has a full-color printed inlay that is smaller in diameter than the Large Inlay.  It, too, is laminated with full-color adhesive inlays that are professionally and permanently affixed.

The Custom Foil stamp chip offers a one-color imprint, using heat and pressure to embed the imprint in either silver or gold foil. Black and white are also available.

Challenge Coins are used to highlight special accomplishments, Challenge Coins are a great way to build rapport and reward accomplishment in any group.

Special Event

Poker Chips



For a bridal celebration or for any milestone, we can help you commemorate the day. Need special artwork? We have dozens of designs or can implement what you provide.

We have a variety of accessories available to enhance any occasion. We offer custom poker chip key rings, custom refrigerator magnets, both custom and regular playing cards, and a host of gaming accessories for your private poker parties or for corporate events.

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