Challenge Coins

Challenge coins available in style of preference

Minimum:  300

Delivery time:  1 to 2 weeks


Artwork provided for the chip should be a high-quality JPEG or PDF (300 dpi); CMYK full-color

Challenge Coins provide a unique opportunity to reward members of your club, your company, or your military unit to tell them and colleagues you appreciate what they are doing. It’s a very special way to acknowledge accomplishment and to commemorate their outstanding participation to your group effort. They’re also a great way to build camaraderie at any special event — from a corporate training session to a family reunion.


The Poker Consultants provide a superior quality Challenge Coin in whatever design choices you want and in as many variations as we offer in chips. They are also available in metal. Our outstanding team will work with you to bring your ideas to fruition. These keepsake coins are highly valued by recipients — a great way to build team and say thank you to team members.


Challenge Coins can be created in a style you think works best for you — inlay, ceramic full, Cer- Blend, or custom foil and in a variety of materials from medal to ceramic to a clay composite.


Talk or email our customer representative to find out more about how to bring your ideas to reality.

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