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At The Poker Consultants (A division of Ad Magic Custom Playing Cards) we have a great deal of experience manufacturing custom poker chips and custom challenge coins for all kinds of clients, military units and a variety of events.  If you are a corporate client and looking for a great promotional poker chip - we can create custom poker chips for your trade show or product launch and deliver them on time. In a pinch for time? Ask about our rush service.


 Design a custom poker chips set or we will design it for you at no charge. With clients ranging from NBC Heads Up Poker to Empire Casino - we have created poker chips for both Fortune 500 Companies as well as private individuals and small businesses alike since as far back as January of 1997. 

Working only with the finest custom poker chip imprinting methods available - Ad Magic and The Poker Consultants can create custom poker chips and custom poker chip sets to meet your needs. We also offer custom playing cards - and custom card decks can be fully customized in any size you prefer. Besides Bridge and Poker sized custom playing cards, we also offer custom shaped playing cards


If you are a poker player and want some custom poker chips for your home games - we can create customized poker chips that fit your style and your budget. We can create custom poker chips in many varieties for any use you can think of!


Here are some of the things that our poker chips are used for!

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Custom Poker Chips FAQ


Q How do I sent you my file?

A Simply email your file to us.


Q What if I cannot design anything?

A We will design your custom poker chips for you at no charge and send you several ideas to review.


Q Why don't you have pricing on your site?

A Creating custom poker chips is confusing and we try to make this simple for our clients.  We try to determine what each client really wants and then we custom tailor the personalized poker chips to each different need.  Some clients require ultra fasr delivery, some are more concerned about pricing and some do not know what they want.  We work with each client to deliver the correct chip to them.


Q How many different kinds of imprinting do you offer?

A We offer custom full color inlays in both large and small inlay sizes, foil stamping (also known as hot stamping), center printed stock edge ceramic chips with a full color digital process, and custom edge to edge and side printed ceramic chips that are 100 percent completely custom on every surface and edge.


Q How fast is your rush service?

A We have literally turned around orders in 1 day but generally we prefer 2-3 days for rush. But ask us. The plant may be slow and looking for work and be able to get your job right out.  You never know if you don't ask!  Normal production time for custom poker chips is 2 weeks. Cerblend chips require 3 weeks.  Rush service is available on 6 stripe, 8 stripe, and many other personalized poker chips.


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Sizes & Materials


Custom Poker Chips can come in any shape and size and in a number of materials  - but standard poker chips measure 39mm in diameter.  That coverts to 1.53543 or about 1.5 inches in diameter.

We carry a very wide variety of poker chips and have broken them down into some simple categories to make it easier for you, the buyer, to determine what chip you need.


Custom Poker Chips | Challenge Coins -Imprinting Methods


Cer-blend - Ceramic Center Printed Poker Chips

A blended ceramic chips with a white center  made for full color printing.  There are 13 stock edge colors and when customized these chips feature vivid color reproduction.


Ceramic Edge to Edge Chips

Full ceramic chips can be printed from one edge to the other edge and can also be printed on the sides of the chips. They come in 5 different sizes and are printed with a dye sublimation process.


Large Inlay  Poker Chips

Large inlay chips feature laminated full color adhesive inlays which are professionally adhered  to a recessed area in the chips for a lasting and high quality imprint.


Small Inlay Poker Chips

These are the same concept as large inlay however they come on different chips and the inlay is smaller - hence the name.



Foil Stamped Custom Poker Chips

These custom poker chips have a foil stamp imprint on the center area of the chip surface.

Limited types of chips can accommodate this type of imprint and only art that can be first converted to vector black and white format can be stamped.



Dealer Chips

Make a statement with a full color custom dealer chip



Ceramic Special Shaped Poker Chips

We offer full color rectangular plaques and octagon chips in ceramic.



Hybrid Custom Poker Chips

These chips feature a printed ceramic edge and an inlay covered with a shiny clear material.



Custom Shaped Poker Chips

Custom shaped chips like the diamond chips shown can be made in other mediums for promotional use.